Communal Lounge

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Norm is a warehouse full of workshop, studio and shared creative space.

We aim to facilitate makers, tinkerers and artists to complete projects, learn new skills and pass on knowledge. Norm is an inclusive, hands-on, peer to peer learning environment that fosters safe and comfortable use of woodwork and metalwork tools and equipment. We are a non-profit, volunteer run organisation that aims to make workshop space and equipment financially accessible.

The front half of the building has a communal lounge and kitchen, 13 lockable studios plus a whole heap of shared space. In the back half you’ll find a nice big workshop for getting down and dirty with all your creative projects and tinkering. We are set up to cater for those bigger projects you’ve got on the go at home and have dedicated short term storage space. It’s a great place to run workshops, host events and simply collaborate with the other wonderful folks at NORM.

See our Workshop page for more info about our range of tools and equipment.

Keep an eye on the events page for what we’ve got coming up and drop by for a cuppa some time.

Why Share?

On average a cordless drill will be used between 6 and 13 minutes in its life before being thrown into landfill, often due to maintenance issues or lost parts. There are millions of these tools being manufactured, distributed and discarded worldwide, when what you really want is the hole, not the drill. Sharing a product maximises the idling capacity of an otherwise unused item, as writer Kevin Kelly states, ‘access is superior to ownership.’

As of February 2021 our list of studio holders and workshop users include:

Naomi Smith – Welding / Fabrication




Rohan Mitchell – Welding / Tech

Mihajlo Elakovic – Furniture / Carpenter


Joseph Cornick Furniture


Liz Zotti – Furniture

Steve Mintern & Simon Robinson – multidisciplinary design & research


Anj Hansen – Workshop Manager & Handy Services


Previous Studio Holders:

Meagan Streader – Light Artist


Margaux Hayes – Product Design


Romanie Harper – Theatre Design


Dave McHughe – Carpenter

Dane Wilton – Light Design

Caitlin McAllister – Industrial Design

Lauren Redpath Puppetry

Will Brain – Furniture / Carpenter

Bec Bartlett – EveryDay People

Emma Frederick – EveryDay People

Tony Martin – EveryDay People

Matthew Condie

Roscoe Portelli

Zoe Lofts

Rennie Watson

Tom Hutchen

Sophie MacGillivray – Furniture

Jess Humptson – Furniture

Rachel Heller-Wagner – Furniture

Jeanie Mulligan – Furniture

Felicity Waters – Vertical Gardens